Friday, December 16, 2011

A Little Sharing

     Thanks for liking my creations-warms my heart to even have you check in! The felted yarn basket was well received last night and that was a relief.
     I am tired today. And I need to clean, badly. So today I have a "share" for you.

    In your free time this weekend this weekend ( if you have any or find any) go to Deidre Adam's blog and follow her posts on her recent commission process. I read this and re-read this and stayed awake all night thinking-my mind was just buzzing with the possibilities.

    I always have lots of possibilities. And that makes my day job very exciting.

    Be  creative, my friends!


1 comment:

  1. Of course, your felted basket was well received. Thanks for sharing the reaction with us, though. Now I'm off to check on D.A.'s blog during my break in cleaning and packing.