Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And So It Goes

I have to laugh-really laugh. My family is great although just doesn't know what to do with me at times.

I asked them what they thought of my latest handmade gift.

Child #1: Yes, I think that anyone would be glad to get something handmade. Good job, Mom.

Child #2: What is it?  (This is the same child if I ask about how my outfit looks she will respond-it depends -are you staying home or going out? Brutal honesty...from this child.)

Husband (wise and previously been through the" make a Christmas gift season") : Who is this for? Any     cookies this year?  Have you thought about Christmas cards?

My response-

Child #1-Thanks
Child #2-It is a felted yarn basket. For you. Your only gift. What you have always wanted. To store your yarn. What every 16 year old wants.

Husband: No cookies this year. No Christmas card  either. Make your own or start addressing cards.

Oh boy. Maybe there is a reason I stopped making gifts the month of Christmas.

Maybe I should of thought of it in July.


Happy Sewing, my fiends. No friends, that is.  Way too late to be blogging...


  1. And your first born is just grateful she wasn't there to be asked the question! hee hee! :)

    Step off the crazy-go-round and take a deep breath!

    My 3 handmade gifts for this year are complete, just in need of yarn ends sewn in...am I planning on completing them...not anymore! And that's ok! It was about the process for me this year and I will wait to find recipients who I know will appreciate the handmade aspect of them.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Child #1 speaks the truth.
    You are very brave! I don't ask!

  3. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

    Aside from little school projects from my daughter, I haven't been given a homemade gift in decades. I've given them -- without much response from the recipients.

    I'm actually thinking about making a few cookies (that's a few cookies--not a few kinds of cookies). Card? They'll get done, especially once the hubby writes the Christmas letter.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  4. Too funny! Thanks.

    I made potholders for my friends this year. I'll be there when they're opened to see and hear reactions. Can't wait.

  5. Kids! I absolutely laughed out loud at their responses - especially the "depends on whether you are staying home or going out." :-). Sounds like something mine would say - and they are all grown/married with their own kids. ARGH.

    All the grandkids get money for Chanukah except my 2 year old, who gets Elmo. Easy.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!