Thursday, November 24, 2011

As Always, Grateful

     I am grateful for family. Oh how quickly they have grown this year in body and soul.

My husband who supports me in all this craziness. He is a little crazy himself....

I am grateful for the change of seasons. Looking throughout the lens of the camera has made me pause and truly see the beauty of the fall season.

I am grateful for the messes I make while I create.

The colors I am able to create.

The workshops I have attended. (Looking back through my photos reminded me it truly was the year of workshops:).

Benn/Morgan Workshop in May

The lessons I have learned while making mistakes. And the friends I have made while I create!
 So many things that God has blessed me with.

Have a happy Thanksgiving friends. And be thankful for your blessings.



  1. good stuff :) here's to more to be thankful for! love you woman

  2. And I'm thankful for good friends like you!

  3. We were all in the car the day after Thanksgiving and the disc jockey (is that what they are called now without discs?) said, "What if you had today only what you had been thankful for yesterday?" Uh-oh. Too many of us confessed we would be naked but together! no house, no clothes, no food...