Monday, October 24, 2011

Striving For Consistency

     I am striving for some sort of a consistent schedule and realized there is none. So, this week, I am going for what is available and it is scheduled in pen this week. No loose floating around and never getting much done.  Very easy to do when you work from home, isn't it?

     I started a piece last week and also vowed to be more consistent in photographing my work as I design it. I had lost that process somewhere along the way. So, here is the beginning of what I though was going to be a possibility.

     I had wanted to use some hand dyed fabrics and some commercial batiks. But something wasn't right about my choices. ( Maybe I should be doing color studies  but that's a whole other post...) So, I switched my camera setting to black and white.

     It was an immediate ah-ha moment. Even though the pink was bright, there just isn't much value contrast .  Maybe I chose the wrong colors. For all that fussing and fear of black and white a few weeks ago, I sure have found that seeing it in a photograph and doing black and white sewn studies are really valuable to me right now.   Nice to stop and reconsider before I get it all designed and sewn together. Who knows what you might see next!

     So, the goals of the week are consistent studio time and consistent photography of works in process.

     Be creative, my friends. You keep me accountable.

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  1. Oh, I love black and white but so often forget to use it to check out values. Your little strip set on the left is playing nicely though. Can't wait to see where you go with this.