Monday, October 17, 2011

Not Being Nice: A Case of the Nasties

     Maybe it's being gone from the land of blogging for a few weeks. (I didn't take much time to read posts the last few weeks.) Maybe it's the fact that there is a lot of laughing at others going on at my house lately-the not so nice kind of laughing-the laughing at and not the laughing with someone.  But I am very  sick of some of those bloggers out in  blogland.

     You probably remember some of those kids from the kindergarten sandbox. When you aren't looking, they throw sand at you. Or hurl nasty names at you and the others join in.  I have always been taught to be nice. Sometimes  a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. I have taught my children and I have worked hard to -if you disagree with what someone is doing or saying there is a kind way to express your opinion. Constructive criticism. You say what your opinion is and the person knows where you stand and you feel better because your opinion was heard. Say it and move on. So here I go. This is what is bugging me with blogland.

Dear nasty blog post writer:

     Comments: For the most part I am a lurker. But for the times when I am brave enough to leave a comment on your post, do not spew back some nasty or snide remark to me.  I will not leave denigrating remarks on your posts-never have and never will. It is not nice. So I expect the same respect from you. E-mail me if you have anything of length to say to me.

     Your blog posts: I certainly hope if you are criticizing someone in a post, you have contacted them prior to your post to express your opinion. I know- I know -free speech and all but mud flinging in blogland seems a not so nice sandbox kind of a thing to do. I know art quilters are trying to elevate their art to a different level, but constructive criticism is one thing and just mean nastiness is another.   You are now deemed a nasty person and I will boycott your postings from now on. I don't care who you are-how many awards you have won or what exhibitions you have been in you are but you are not nice. You go on and keep posting your nastiness. I am done reading your posts.

   I am just done with mean. Really done with it and disillusioned with it. As much as I dislike my kids listening incessantly to Taylor Swift, I take the words to one of her songs: why you gotta be so mean?

     Debating the need to keep blogging. Maybe I should be spending the time to sew rather than the time it takes to blog.




  1. Hmmmm... I don't know who you're talking about and I'm glad I don't!

    Sorry someone's felt the need to act in this way, but I hope you continue to share with us. We promise to be nice!

  2. aint me cuz i havent blogged in weeks ;)
    i think you should have written this back on that blog comment ya would have felt better.

  3. You both made me laugh!

    Just saying -there is constructive criticism and just plain meanness. I did leave a comment and probably will be shunned. Not caring though and will plunge onward to artmaking and the occasional blog posts. :)

  4. Knowing the post you're referring to, I'll just say bravo to you! I don't understand the nastiness.

  5. I do know the post you are referring to.. It is very sad (I have no other words to really describe it) isn't it? but I am grateful that you've posted or I wouldn't have found your blog! :)

  6. I have read the post that upset you... and about a million others. The whole thing makes me sad, that unkindness breeds so much unkindness. Not that I think your post was unkind, but that the vast majority of the other comments were. And they seemed to get meaner the farther down I read.

  7. Sad to be associated with it but needed to express my point. I couldn't read past the first few comments as I knew where it would go. Sad.

    Constructive criticism , not meanness. Plenty of room for everyone in the sandbox.

  8. I know there are blogs out there that are intentionally nasty about some things. I read the ones I like and immediately get out of the ones I don't. I do not see the point in lashing out on someone's personal blog. I am a huge fan of blogging and I hate to see someone hurt by it. I do hope you don't quit blogging -- I do love seeing what you are up to, even though I am usually a lurker. I hope I have not said anything bad. Sometimes I don't express myself very well, so I fear I may have had poor choices of words in the past.

    Keep sewing and keep blogging about it!!!