Tuesday, July 26, 2011


     If one would be thinking too much about how nice it would be to have one's own style or voice and not yet have it, one might be discouraged and create no art.

    If one would be thinking too much about what one read recently about one's work looking too much like another's work or in a specific style that too recognizable , one might not make any work because it didn't feel like what they were making was very original.

     If one felt they weren't making any progress, then one might not make time to work or make it a priority.

    If one thought that dyeing alot of fabric to work with was plenty of work, one would not make any art. She already did enough for the day.

    If it was too hot and there was too much company last week, so what a perfect excuse to make no art.

    Just excuses, aren't they?  Being much more honest with myself, I find it hard to return to making things after I have had a break. Much easier to keep something going. I don't care who my work looks like right now because I just need to keep going and keep creating. I looked back at some famous ones earlier works and they all look the same. I hope never to criticize others who are working through it in the early phases of their work-no matter who they work with, how they work with and what they work with.

    I did stitch last night. I am back in my own barn today making my own marks on fabric.

    Be creative, my friends and keep moving ahead. And don't think too much while  you do it because you might end up being your own worst enemy !


  1. Great post. You have found the truth about voice and design - keep moving. I find it is all about moving faster than I can think. Let the hands do their own thing and let go of the fear of wasting material and time. The wisdom is in the expression coming through your body. Thanks for posting your thoughts. You're in the thick of it now!

  2. That is great advice-move faster than you can think. Also, don't read too many quilt blogs, don't worry about other people. Just keep going!

  3. What I admire about you: you do the work, you explore, you make progress. Keep at it! Doesn't matter what others say, doesn't matter what others do. You will find your own sweet spot.

  4. HI there Tod-nice to hear from you and thanks! Yes definitely in the thick of it. How are you?

    Gail and Ellen- Just keep moving along I will!