Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fabric Dyeing Days:#6

     I was weeding the garden this week and really was struck by the purples right now.

I spotted this columbine under the trees and almost missed him in my hurry to finish weeding. I guess I do need to slow down.

My ferns are finally filling in.

Definitely a week of purple flowers. Could I make a gentle purple-more natural?

I think I did it and it is nice and gentle.

Started on the oranges and wanted more of an orange red so will try to do another batch. All out of fabric and will need to order some more.

Very pretty and a beautiful start to fabric dyeing here in Vermont inspired by the colors here. Now if I can get them ironed I will feel like it was a productive work week. Our friends are coming this weekend and we hope to go canoeing.

Be inspired by summer colors out there.

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  1. All your fabric dyeing has me wanting to pull out my dyes and get busy! Gorgeous! :)