Friday, June 17, 2011

Making Marks and Processing

     I spent some time visiting this week with art friends. On Tuesday , I met a friend Elizabeth for coffee and shared what I had learned at the Barn workshop. She is so enthusiastic and it's nice to be able to share with her. And sharing with her helped me to clarify what I had learned and what techniques I really didn't want to focus on. I came home and looked through my box of supplies and you know what tools I liked the best?

Simple things: a credit card for scraping thickened dyes on, foam rollers I cut into, a dishpan scrubber, the cheapo one dollar paintbrush with some bristles chopped off.....

 A spreader with great edges

A piece of plexi-glass with duct tape on it. I used it for mono-printing.

a piece of a plastic doormat

foam rollers

a needle nose bottle with a plastic tip

     I found I liked the simple things you can find at your local hardware store or scrounge from a workbench. 

     I spent some more time sorting fabric and completing my inventory for fabric dyeing this week. And beginning to pack for Vermont. I leave next Wednesday and I am trying to be reasonable with what I really want to accomplish this summer. Also, I do this after every workshop. Just kind of stop and ramble around until I might process what I have learned. Maybe it's being overstimulated. Don't know but I am not fighting it this time. Some hand stitching usually moves me on. 

     Talk about being overstimulated-had lunch with the wonderful Nellie and her niece Diane. More about that later.

     Be creative, my friends!


  1. I just fell in love with a turkey baster yesterday (as a dye spreader, of course:) Found one at the dollar store for a buck--my kind of equipment!

    Loved hearing about the workshop and seeing the art in person--have a great summer!

  2. I liked seeing the things you talked about during our time together ...which by the way, was way too short. I look forward to our next get together.