Thursday, June 9, 2011

Color Days:#4

 I am going to keep track of how many days I actually spend dyeing this summer and will share with you my results. I hope you aren't bored to death but I will spend a considerable amount of time dyeing. Now,  I dye for a few days and then I just get itchy to start stitching a bit.

      It is a love-hate relationship I have with ironing.  I have just finished ironing 45 yards of fabric the past week. Not the part I like. But I sure do love the way newly dyed fabric looks when you are done ironing. Yards dyed=yards ironed.

     The pieces on the right were pleated and tray dyed with an indigo color. Very pretty.

    I will try keeping a better record of my process this summer. At least that is the goal the first week. Just want to see what works and hopefully achieve consistent and reproducible results. I also need to go through my existing stash tonight and see what I need. I know reds, greens and browns.

    Off to stitch. Be creative, my friends!

      Whew, now back to stitching.


  1. You can't beat the procion indigo dye! Sure beats all the effort of real indigo dyeing. Very nice results!

  2. No, it was the first time I tried the procion indigo and I am sold on it. Love it and don't know if I would ever try the real indigo again. But then again, I thought I would never try dyeing either.