Thursday, June 2, 2011

Color Days: Shades of Blue

     I started out a bit slow yesterday making silly mistakes. After not dyeing all winter, I  had a bit of re-arranging to do and I wanted to make a list of what colors I really needed to dye. Since I had been using blue like it was the new black all winter, blue was the color of the day.

     Not as hot as Monday but a beautiful day to dye some fabrics and let it dry on the line.

     Great texture on this linen. It is my new favorite to dye and I am saving these pieces for some hand stitching this summer.

    Also took some time to set up some screens to try de-constructed screen printing that I never had a chance to try at my class secondary to the high humidity. Hopefully today but now must rinse out 15 yards of blues.

     I wil let you know how it turns out.

     Be creative, my friends!


  1. What beautiful blues! I've never thought to work with linen before.