Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking Stock, Being Honest and Finishitis

     Is there such a word-finishitis? Don't know but I certainly seem to be queen of it lately. My definition: not staying FOCUSED enough to finish the task at hand. In my excitement of learning new things or wanting to try different ideas, I have developed an uncanny inability to start many things and never carry them through to completion. If I get stuck on a piece, I start another one.

     Now, I do need one or two on my design wall to spur me on and when I do get stuck then I can bounce back and forth between them. That actually helps me move on. But, over the last few months with learning all these techniques, I let things get way out of control. I realized it last Thursday when I couldn't see over my fabric pile to the design wall. And the pile of unfinished quilt tops was getting larger again.

     I blamed it on everyone but me-my poor family, my husband, the dogs-well heck they did keep bringing in half the dirt and rain from the yard last week.  Until finally, I gave myself a little talking to. Put all the currently unneeded supplies and fabric away. Tidied and cleaned.

     I can see my walls again with works in process.

Things are piled neatly according to projects on the tables. Fabric fold neatly and books put away. (Another form of procrastination, I know. )

This is one of my piles of unquilted tops. Two just need bindings and sleeves.  The rest need to be sandwiched and quilted. These are the ones that are ready to go as far quilting is concerned. I procrastinate on these because at this point the machine quilting is a hard skill for me yet. There is another pile of unfinished tops which I would like to hand quilt....

Sewing of various parts together on the wall has begun again.

I am my own worst enemy. I need to finish things and this recurrent theme is really bogging me down.

Nothing is standing in the way of my art-but me. Not unlearned skills of lack of talent. Just plain old me. How do you know if there is talent there if you don't finish it?

Another silly list that will be made. But it's up to me to knock it off, isn't it? Being honest to or with  yourself is sometimes the hardest thing.

Be creative and finish things, my friends!


  1. i'm still envious of your studio! It looks great! Just take 10 min. a day to work on one UFO at a time! Yea, I'd do that too! Just look at the UFO's as trying new techniques. Pass them on!!

  2. yeah the studio is envious and i'll bet just writing this post mirrored back something to you. you finish it or you dont...its all a process and there is ebb and flow and starts and fits is just part of it. i like that i read finishitis as a cuss word hahaha

  3. well you two commenters paula and Robbie- a big studio does not an artist maketh! I do love it though.

    ebb and flow...start and stop...yes.

    yes definitely a cuss word last week. this week ok.

  4. I love your studio!! Wow..such a grand space...
    Been doing any silk dyeing?