Thursday, April 21, 2011

Process, Comparisons and End of the Week

     Yes, it will be the end of my studio time for the week as I am leaving shortly to pick up my daughter from college for the Easter weekend.

     I am still working through that piece I showed you Tuesday. It's in a lot of sections with little progress. Not by any means giving up. Just busy with other things this week.

      I needed to order my supplies for the next class and take inventory on all my dyes. As I was doing that, I received my list of who is attending my next workshop. I had a day and a half sheer panic - I am not worthy, why am I going, why in the world would I think I could take classes with them....they are established talented artists....

     And then I came full circle. I am excited. I am very privileged to be able to go and it's not cheap.  I want to learn all of these techniques and really don't want to let my fear of- not knowing things - of not succeeding-get in the way. Once I get over that -every time I go-it's this little magical adventure that is a treasure because it's uninterrupted studio time for 12 -15 hours a day . Uninterrupted is the key and not necessarily the hours.

      I don't want to compare myself to where they are and what they do because I create with MY hands. And I alone need to be happy at the end of the day with what I create with MY hands.

     Whew- this whole art thing just really messes with your head, doesn't it? I don't remember any of this from being a physical therapist. If another co-worker's patient was progressing faster than mine, I would just ask-what protocol are you using? can you show me the technique?  can I try it on you? Not so much with art.

     I am happy to go and look forward to seeing how others work and what they do. But I am going to wrap my little head into thinking about what -I- am going to learn. And not how much others know or do. My hands and my heart. With lots of enthusiasm.

     Just a few more shibori silk experiments. Having family here this weekend so have Happy Easter! Back Monday.





  1. have fun colleen, be a SPONGE :)

  2. Yes, that's a great attitude - after all it is not a competition! Enjoy your uninterrupted time, learn lots, and get inspired & invigorated.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with this piece of fabric! Love the colors and the shibori circle pattern. Very nice!!

  4. Your on the right track with a the right attitude. Every experience is part of the adventure of being an artist. I look forward to seeing how this one impacts your work.