Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Doing

     That is what I am -just doing the work right now and thought I'd come up to share a few things with you. I was using my little internet surfing to try to read information  on silk dyeing. And I found this wonderful and comprehensive list on dyeing and mixed media. 15 pages worth of books and websites all compiled by a wonderful artist Lu Peters. Which is why you didn't find me here yesterday. I am in the midst of research as I told my family.

     In between finishing up with winter sports and spring sports-the overlap- and drivers ed....I am persevering. Nice to have the time change and the snow melting. I am piecing and dyeing silk today. Striving for crisper edges with my itajame on silk. It dries so quickly that it makes it a really rewarding process. I need to try a heavier concentration of the Colorhues dyes.

    Be creative, my friends!


  1. I am neck deep in maple sap at the moment. Finishing the first batch today while it snows like crazy here. Snow melting? Maybe somewhere else. But if the sap is running, spring can't be very far away, can it?

  2. ooh maple syrup making- I am soo jealous. You may have snow this year until May I've heard!

  3. HEY! That's enough out of you! Snow until May indeed. A friend saw robins today. That must mean something... Probably that they'll starve. :|