Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another New Thing

       My box of supplies came in the mail yesterday. My fabric has been rinsed.  I am ready to go and have been anxiously waiting for this one. Shibori Dyeing with Glennis Dolce. I know from cotton dyeing that there will be a huge learning curve. But this is the class I was most excited about of all the online classes -I just love fabric dyeing.  

    It has become the year of learning techniques for me. A perpetual learner...there is so much to learn,isn't there?

    Be creative,my friends!



  1. have fun! you sound much more excited than if you just went out and bought pre-colored stuff AM I RIGHT?

  2. nice to be in glennis's class with you...

  3. thank you jud-what fun it will be! i have fond memories of your class. I was stitching on a sun last night-looking for some spring.