Wednesday, January 19, 2011


    Well, I decided to put myself out of misery and ziplock one of my projects on my design wall. Ziplock: A term use to describe placing all pieces and parts of a horrible idea or project into a plastic bag and having the satisfaction of closing a zipper on it.  (Yes, I know plastic bags are horrible for the environment but I re-use them and they are currently keeping me sane. They contain bad ideas or horrible art.)

    Some projects just need time and they remain up on my design wall for a long time until I move them along. I know that I am just stuck on those projects. They have some degree of hope involved in them.

     But some just need to be put in a ziplock bag and put in my bin. I rarely come back and re-visit them. I don't hear any screams from that region of the room to please use me up or fix me. I don't even know if I feel any guilt over them.( well a teensy bit of guilt over wasting some fabric).They just don't work. Composition wise, color wise or just plain me creating too much chaos. It happens.

     Two good things about it: 1. I don't feel the need to show you. 2. I move on quicker than I use to .

     Anybody read any good books lately?

I hope to be creative today. Be creative, my friends!



  1. I'm following your lead. Since you've given yourself permission to ziplock, I can too! Thanks for releasing me from what's not working. Moving on!

  2. i think you could have an entire art installation based on this :)

  3. elena-just let it go!

    paula-the ziplock bag installation of misfits. you might have something there.