Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loving Color

     Maybe it's just because it's winter.

A few of my favorite hand dyed threads from this last batch.

 And against the starkness of the white snow, color is more appealing.

 Tray Dyeing with highly concentrated dyes on folded and pleated cotton. It was a happy mistake to not dilute my dyes but to just pour it on. Oops...

                                                       The Colors of Christmas
                                                                    28x 33

     I made this little piece at a workshop. Some people don't finish workshop samplers. I do because I remember fondly my time there and it helps me to remember what I have learned. I like it better now that it has the added element of stitch. Stitch changes everything, doesn't it? The colors are bright and bold. And that's ok with me now. At the time I was comparing myself to others who were using subtler colors around me. Bold and bright is where I am at now. 

     Color is just beautiful and I am having fun celebrating it this week. 

Be creative, my friends! 


  1. I really like your hand dyed threads!!! They have turned out great!!!

  2. I love the colors of this quilt, and the contrast in large and small shapes. Glad to see you are having a good week back in your studio!

  3. Thanks- I am having lots of fun-and have made a huge mess! Must clean today. Too boring though.

  4. I love the contrasts in this photos ... a cozy, colorful quilt against the cold, snowy background. I also like the quilting pattern with the warn hued thread.

  5. Thanks Nellie. The lighting inside is so hard now with the cloud cover.

  6. Love the rich dark colors in the fabric and floss!

  7. What a lovely quilt - what was the workshop? Also, those pieces of fabric on the line are to die for - and I'll be really interested in seeing how you use them. Yum yum.