Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Finish It: #3

      It was the start of a series. I have a whole journal full of sketches surrounding this little simple 'L" block. Many ideas -of where to go next. I started on it this summer and the top was done. When I started quilting it , the machine started chewing it up and I kept fighting with the machine. Which led to a new machine. I ripped out bad stitching for about 10 hours and then, left it in a heap in my workbasket. I was left with a stretched out  quilt top that I really didn't want to finish.
     But if I wanted to keep a record of the first in the series, it had to be finished.

I needed to let go of  perfect and finish it.

And it's done.  It will be for a room in my home.

                                                                  L Series: #1

     It can still be beautiful even though it's not perfect.

     Be creative, my friends.


  1. well good for you for pushing through. sounds like a heck of a journey. looks nice out there blowing in the snowy world!

  2. ah this is beautiful! i love it!

  3. Beautiful even though not perfect...
    Something good to remember about everything & everyone!
    :) Sharon

  4. Your "L-quilt #1" looks free-spirited and invitingly warm against that snowy backdrop.

  5. Thanks- it does look warm. Snow keeps coming here.

    I hope to go to the UICA Holiday show tomorrow Nellie!

    Perfectionism:)-Sharon -from one to another! You made me smile!

  6. I have been having trouble posting comments so I am just catching up. Love this piece! Beautiful!