Friday, November 19, 2010

End of The Week Wrap Up/Another Giveaway

     Winner from last week's giveaway is number 2 : sweet Jeana Marie! I will send you small package if you email me your address Jeana! I know she will put the thread to beautiful use. What she makes is just lovely. My husband, the accountant,  picked the number to make it official.

     I have been working hard and am very happy to be sewing on binding on quilt #2.

I really enjoying handstitching the binding on. Very relaxing and I like to save it for night time when I can sit with the kids and stitch.

The 3rd giveaway is 4 more skeins of hand dyed thread (the pink is perle cotton) , a quarter yard of this owl print and this great pair of scissors. I  like this little Japanese fabric even if it might be too cute for you.. I have a thing for owls way before they became kind of trendy cute. I am in love with this pair of scissors-very sharp and easy on my hands. They really avoid my thumb which is full of arthritis from all those years of massages I did as a physical therapist.  Let me know what part of the process of making a quilt you like the best. Leave a comment on THIS post and I will let you know who is the winner on Tuesday.  I'll forget on the holiday week.

Again, the giveaway is just a little thanks for sharing and listening to me talk on and on the past year! Thanks for being good friends.

Be creative, my friends!


  1. Sounds like you are making great progress on your UFOs. I was cleaning up a bit last night looking for something else and came across the family xmas quilt from last year that I did not finish - oops! One more thing on my list. My favorite part of the process is the machine quilting. I just love how the quilt feels with all the dense quilting I ususally do. The hand dyed threads are beautiful! Please post a picture of #2 when you are done - it looks stunning!

  2. My favorite part of quilting has to be my design wall, matching up just the right colors, shapes, the endless possibilities!

  3. How exciting! Thanks Colleen! Will send you an email now!

  4. patty-I love dense quilting too-just love the texture it adds.

    lisa-the design wall is a wonderful place to be most days

    jeana -you're welcome- i got your e-mail

  5. I just found your blog! I love, love, love all three quilts you entered (and won ribbons for!) in your quilt show description a few pages back. My favorite process is binding also. I always think it's my least favorite, until I sit down with the needle. It's so meditative.