Friday, September 24, 2010

Fussing Over

    I am so a creature of habit  I didn't even want to look at how the upload of pictures was changed on Blogger. Such a baby at the end of the week. I am just tired after all my fabric dyeing-labor intensive but I love doing it.

 Beautiful colors-stormy grey, mustard, lapis from ProChem. I decided  to not goof around with trying to mix my own. I really like the grey.

 Two little work of the weeks using Shiva Paintsticks. I have had these paintsticks in a drawer for over two years and why haven't I tried them before? I enjoyed the leaf rubbing and even tried free motion quilting again on the leaf. That was fun rather than the fighting with free motion quilting I have done in the past.

 More Artprize from the other night.

Also, a nice series of artist lectures sponsored by Kendall College of Art and Design.

 Different interactive art exhibits.

The Scar project was an Artprize entry. It included 500 people stitching an example of their "scar" on a canvas and then journaling. It was really sad but overwhelming to see how eagerly people were willing to jump in and participate.

I am too tired to figure out/ question why I can't align this so good night my friends. Next week is very busy with the quilt show so I'll see how the time is for blogging.
Be creative, my friends. 


  1. i like your leaf painting thingie too. and treat to see more photos of the artprize!

  2. I'll keep posting pics -1700 artists -the number just amazes me.

  3. Colleen I really like your paintstik pieces, I bought mine 2½ years ago, tried them for a second time Sunday, they are gorgeous to change a piece of fabric with, I want to do more with them, if you want to see my piece you can find it here -

    Wonderful pictures you show, must be great to see such a large exhibition.