Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Love

     I really do love taking photos. I desperately miss my basic lens from my Nikon which will probably be gone for about another month. I didn't realize how much I depended on my camera and and used it more than once each day. Those photo moments. Thank goodness for the factory warranty.

 Not only do I enjoy shooting them, but I enjoy organizing them. Problem is that  I have only been organizing them for about the past six months. If you do it right when you download them, you are all set. I have a nightmare of photos that need to be tended and organized.If I just do a little each week, I might be done in another few weeks-maybe ten years is more like it. And then there is editing them. I haven't spent much time editing them either lately. And that is really pathetic because I have Photoshop Elements on this computer. What a mess!

Round Barn recently renovated in Morrisville, VT

     So my question to you- How do you store your photos? Flickr? Picasa? Computer? Photoshop? So much info and so many places. I don't even want to tell you what this looks like with my computer. Any info or recommendations would be great.

     Paula's photo of a Vermont Barn that she made some cool shelves and a clock from made me miss Vermont. And the lack of a schedule. The kids sports and school schedule is hard to get use to again.

Happy sewing, my friends!



  1. well i just store them on my computer and then put all of them on my 2nd hard drive and then put them on my external hard drive. and soon i will also put them on my scan disk that i just ordered.
    and ask me to find a certain one and i will look at you as if you suggested i climb mt everest.
    thanks for the link, quite the barn wasnt it?
    your barn i dont recognize...where is that one?

  2. so I am not the only one who has them managed in different places...

    the barn is on the road to Elmore State Park-used to be yellow. They got a grant to restore it and they had a coffee can out front for donations:)I enjoyed it more when it was yellow peeling paint.