Monday, August 23, 2010

So What's Next?

     My oldest daughter left this weekend for college. The other two kids start school after Labor Day. As we have spent time shopping for school supplies, I became increasingly and foolishly jealous of my kids purchases. New pens, new pencils, new crayons and a new year at school. But then, I realized it wasn't necessarily the new loot but the fresh start I was jealous of . They begin a new year as if the previous year wasn't there and they get to start all over again. Learn new things, try new things and do the work.

      I am a wannabee art quilter right now- so why couldn't I do the same thing? A fresh start but not just jumping from one thing to another. I am doing the learning new things and the trying new things but I have no specific plan or purpose. So to give myself some goals for the rest of the year, I need a little more structure.

1. I am going to work in a series for 6 pieces at least 3x3. I will work in a simple motif or block that I started working on in Vermont. Series sounds- scary -but more serious.  I think I need to learn to manipulate this little block until I have it how I want it. It's just a little "L" so how scary can that be? Why that size? It's just big enough I can feel I am working on my machine quilting. Not big enough to be overwhelmed.

2. Then I am also going to work smaller. 8x10 is the next size I have chosen. After being introduced to the work of Jeanne Williamson by Paula, I have been really inspired.

 I picked Jeanne's book, The Uncommon Quilter in the library after Paula mentioned her name and I was amazed after reading it.  She made a quilt a week  this size for seven years-365 to be exact. A perseverant and talented artist. I am going to try to work through some of the techniques she has outlined in this great book. The only thing I bought for it is a new box of crayons. The rest will be found objects or things I already have. I am very excited to do this.

     So there is my fresh start and new box of crayons for the new  school year! Just like that I have returned to school.

Happy Summer, my friends-for a few more weeks!



  1. Good for you Colleen! I am doing somewhat the same: coming up with a body of work, starting in a series, writing what my thoughts are so I can explain what I am doing. It is all much harder than before, isn't it!

  2. I felt the same way when my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment and he filled whole bookcases with new law school books and gadgets he bought. Then I remembered that he actually has to read those!

  3. Gail-yes harder than before but nice to think in some logical order.

    Kim-:) yes there is the work aspect of it.