Monday, June 14, 2010


     We went to the beach yesterday for a party. Water is so relaxing and the breeze was just so soft. It reminded me of the colors in one of my little woven pieces from the cloth to cloth workshop from Jude Hill. (I am sad I didn't join in to play on the class blog!) So I added a little bit of sun.

     And there was more sun to save for later.

     On a cloudy lazy day like today, sewing seems like a good thing to do. I am adding some handwork to my friend's quilt. Then on to the binding and sleeve on a pretty big piece. I have promised it to her this weekend.

Happy sewing, my friends!


  1. Colleen your woven piece looks very beautiful, I really like the colors, the class has been great so I understand that you are sad that you didn't join it.

  2. oh i like to see this technique continuing over here. beautiful colors.