Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trying to keep up

     This is the week of flowering trees here in Michigan. I can't believe my lilacs up against the house are in bloom  already! I cut off the top of the picture....but still pretty.

    I have said this before but it is really busy this time of the year. I can't bear to look ahead more than one or two days and am running to the grocery store like it is the european market and I can leisurely browse through the items being creative about what will be for dinner. Not. There is no time for that and I must conquer the whole what to eat for dinner in the midst of this chaos.

     Worked yesterday on machine quilting one of my tops and designing a commission quilt. I wish I could say I enjoy this commission process. I think it's much easier to sell what you have made rather than make what someone else wants. That is an understatement, isn't it? But it's coming together. Do you pull your end stitching through by hand after you have ended machine quilting or do you backstitch by machine? It seems to add another step into the process but does look neat. I haven't decided if it is worth it. Any thoughts?

     I found another book for you last weekend at the quilt show. I love, love , love it. Just a book to dream with and one that you will look at again and again and see something appealing and different each time you look at it.

      If you don't want to buy it,  go to one of the big book stores, get a cup of coffee and just sit and look at the great pieces in it. But don't have a super caffeinated latte too late in the day. It will keep you up all night.   Don't ask me how I know this. (You can get a serious amount of stuff done after you have had one of those drinks-I am not sure I want to know how much caffeine is in them....)

     Well off to run errands today. Hope you have fun creating today.

 Happy sewing, my friends!


  1. My machine has a 'fix' function which does a stitch a few times in the same spot which keeps the threads, well, fixed. I then can just trim the ends. It works really well, and I suppose one could do the same thing using the backstitch & wheel? maybe? Before this machine I pulled threads through (on the few things I quilted on that machine). I like the colours in your commission work!

  2. I think people do pull it through to the back by hand, which is why I try to avoid this at all costs! I do not machine stitch so I end in the middle. I have convinced myself also that I like the look of sewing from one end to another. I think it is just knowing what you are willing to do.

  3. Yes, I bury thread ends by hand on functional quilts and show quilts. It's a chore, but I like the look better ... and I know the judges do too.

    What's not to like about that commission quilt? I assume we'll get to see the whole of it in a future post.