Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's A Dud

     I could tell you I am working on it. I could tell you I am just not done with it. I could tell you it's almost done.  I could tell you a magic genie came and marvelously waved a wand over my project this week. Now,  you know  that is not the truth- I will just admit  the truth. Nothing I was doing was making this quilt any better. I started out ok with a good idea. But then I went down a never ending path of big mistakes: trying to do too much with too small of any idea, then adding to the pieces I already had, then cutting the pieces up and re-assembling them, then adding commercial prints to it and NOTHING made it any better.

     I blamed it on my bad mood. I blamed it on hormones. I blamed it on my lack of design skills. I blamed it on the lack of fabric-we all know that couldn't possibly be it. And then -when I started blaming it on my husband-who hasn't even stepped foot in my sewing room all week- I knew I needed to get a grip and move on. I was turning into a tempermental quilter(ok artist) having a fit because I couldn't make something work that I saw in my head but couldn't execute in fabric.  Admitting that I didn't like it is part of this painful process-maybe even growth. I admit I don't like it. It's not getting any better. And thank goodness, I am finally recognizing that I don't need to show it to you :).

     So I will start the day by ziplocking it into a plastic bag and putting it away. I will not re-visit it and waste anymore time on it. I will just move on and tuck it away. I can't quite throw it away yet as I spent about 15 hours on it. But I will  tuck  another lesson away in my pretty little head-sometimes you just make bad art. Good thing you can create something new.

Happy Sewing, my friends. It's beautiful here and I am going outside.


  1. Oh, so it's not just me that this happens to. It's so frustrating when that vision in your head is far superior to the actual results. Sometimes I even blame these shortcomings on my dog.

    If you wish, you can blame it on my dog too.

  2. Very frustrating but good to be able to recognize when it's just bad!

    And your dog's name is? Naw -I take full blame!

  3. I have been doing the same thing lately! It feels good just to stop and put it away and admit you made a mistake. Sometimes you just have to go through that experience to get somewhere else better I think. Sometimes I find I am just working the wrong way, and that is why it doesn't turn out. Good luck on your next idea! And it is beautiful outside!

  4. its infuriating when that happens. and it feels like utter defeat that overshadows all the things we do love and that does work. it just sucks. but it doesn't mean anything in the scheme of things...its just life. glad you realized it isn't any of the reasons you thought, good reminder for us all.

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It appears we have similar interests: contemporary quilting, reading, gardening, and photography.

  6. this post made me smile - sometimes things just don't work out do they? We can always learn something from them! Thanks for passing on your wisdom :)