Monday, February 1, 2010

A Month of Red

     I know that January did not exactly look like a productive month if  I am just looking at my quilt production. I set a yearly goal of finishing three pieces each month. Doesn't matter the size but just finished. So close on two pieces but so close doesn't count.

     I have achieved a few things this month and for me they seem huge. I have taken pictures of all pieces and priced them. So many times, I have people interested but never know what I would sell them for.  Secondly, I have set up an Etsy shop . That with my limited computer skills is another huge event off my list. I know Etsy is huge and easy to get lost in. But , even if I don't sell anything there initially, it is a visual place where people can do some window shopping.

     I have had two people ask me-just what are you doing with all this? I Why are you blogging? Why are you selling? And the answers continue to be 1. to journal my progress 2. to offer what I make to others for purchase(what will I do with all of them?) 3. to keep in touch with friends I have made . So that's a start to the answer. I'll let you know where else I would like to go as I figure it out. Oh -to enter some shows eventually- I have never even submitted anything to my local guild show!


  So to pop the champagne -over the store- I have cut into some of my precious hand dyed fabrics. To sell here to see if you might be interested on a larger scale. And to celebrate the beginning of Februrary, they are red. and gorguous. They measure approx 18x24.  Email me if you are interested in them. Don't know if I will sell them on a routine basis on Etsy yet. They are a pretty candy apple red and bubblegum pink. I have double washed them in Synthrapol but I would wash them again -just because we all know how red is.

1. 5 pieces- 18x24 3 red, 2 pink-25$
2. 6 pieces-18x24  3 reds 3 pink-30$

I will pay shipping. So why didn't I put them in my Etsy shop? I can't figure out how to link the badge on my blog to the shop....despite help from several computer savvy friends....I have to bring my computer in today-maybe I'll ask my computer guy... The shop is set up -just can't link it...seems silly to tell you about it today but I wanted to offer these fabrics to you in time for Valentine's Day.


I love reds and pinks. Off to solve my issues. But first I will sew.

Happy Sewing, my friends.

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