Monday, February 8, 2010

Different but the Same

     I am being tugged between two entirely different things right now and feel kind of at a crossroads. I love quick improvisational piecing and the gratification of finishing a top. But I also love the satisfaction of handwork on a piece. Which we all know takes much longer. So rather than feeling as if it is a conflict and I need to choose, I am going to see if I could make it all fit together. Like the piece I made at Christmas time called Fire. But a little less fussy.
     Seems funny to take a class online but that's how I learned to dye fabric so why not. No extra fees for staying somewhere and for food. So I signed up at Joggles for  Mark Making with Hand Dyed Embroidery Threads with Melanie Testa last week. I know, kind of impulsive, aren't I? And there was a bit of eye rolling at my house when I told them I would be in the garage doing thread dyeing. Ok, even my  10 year old son said -I thought you could just buy it at Joanne's-like hundreds of colors Mom-whatever....But I had fun.

You wrap your floss around little floss holders and squish it around in a plastic baggie. And you have beautiful colors.

I was afraid of making them too dark but now realize I must have some darker colors and some greens. Maybe some deeper yellows. I used cotton DMC floss, perle cotton and some yummy silk. This would be easy to do when you dye your fabrics.

So why dye my own floss? Because then  it's my own colors dyed by my hand. So simple. Why don't they get it? :)

Happy sewing, my friends-off to conquer last night's list.


  1. Those are gorgeous! It's a total diversion, but the varigated flosses would make a cool x-stitch sampler too....