Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Beast is Done

     We woke up to a snow day from school today. Thank goodness. It's just nice to get caught up and have no schedules to tend to.
     Well, I finally have my first finish of 2010. The recycled jean quilt is dones-completely done-to the trimming of the loose threads and placing of the label. Other than delivering it , there is nothing more to do to it. I never thought you could be traumatized by a quilt but it happened. It took a month longer than I thought it would-ok maybe three weeks longer. It's done and I am singing and dancing a little happy dance. And you can too because the best thing is-you don't have to hear me complain about finishing it ever again. I am ok with it and what's important is that my son likes it and it's for his class. So in the end -That's all that matters!

It's so big I can't fit it all in. Walk With Me-60x90.

The best news of this process is my new machine and I have bonded. She earned her keep and survived working on this heavy denim quilt. So Clare-you deserve the honor of a picture here-

I did appreciate the longer arm. The dual feed system helped pull the bulk through and rode over all the seams. I'll need to eventually get a different table and I think I will go with the Sew Ezi table . Yet to be determined but I don't want to spend lots either.

A big sigh of relief.

Happy Sewing, my friends. I will try to bring my laptop with me-but we have dial up in VT so...I'll hope for the best.


  1. Hooray!!! I like the way you quilted it. I really think it enhances the design. And I'm glad Ben likes it. That's a good thing.

  2. I'm with Lynne! It turned out really nice and adding the sun for the feet to walk toward is awesome. Your perseverance paid off. Congratulations!!!
    - Sharon

  3. OOOOOOH, this is fantastic. I love those colors. Such a lively, fun quilt. And, yes, it is quite possible to be traumatized by a quilt.

  4. Thanks everyone! On to the next thing. And I am still happy.