Saturday, February 13, 2010

Barns and Quilts

     I had so much fun yesterday and the day flew by. The kids and my husband went skiing and I stayed behind. Such a hardship it is having the whole day to sew! I had brought along a few new things. In January, I ordered  25$ of fabric from Frieda Anderson and then got a package of  48 5 inch squares for free. One of the fabrics was a beautiful one yard piece of hand dyed fabric which was multi colored. And  the 5 inch squares were bright.
     I wanted just to do a simple and bright quilt. I pieced for a long time and then the sun called me outside. I took pictures of the barns on my walk. My favorites from yesterday's walk:

     A local horse farm. Love the sunshine and blue skies.

Mrs. Smith's barn-my 87 year old neighbor who still mowes her own yard.

Typical Vermont barn -weathered

You have been very patient waiting for a quilt. After my walk, I just kept sewing. And this is my first project from this batch of fabric.

Unquilted top-Vermont Sunshine-20x39

A typical little ribbon quilt, isn't it? A very happy little guy for a day in February. I needed just carefree and easy for the first day of vacation.
Ok-now dial up internet service has made me crazy uploading pictures. I must go to the library to do this. It takes about five minutes per picture! And weird things happen like pictures are getting all grainy.

Happy Sewing, my friends!


  1. love that quilt on the barn!
    still hate word verification

  2. Those squares within squares really set off your ribbons. What lovely fabric.
    And I love your barns.

  3. just googled upon your the barn pics and the quilts as well :)

  4. Thanks and welcome. The quilt was fun to do - but I think the red setting works too!

  5. Colleen, this quilt is just wonderful! I love the way the blue ties it together, and the thin lines are just a little crooked. The squares pull it all together. Really a good composition.And beautiful pics of the scenery; you are lucky to be there!