Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Few Extra Moments

  I  think I have known this for a long time but this season has really made me notice this. I am much happier if I can do some form of creating -sewing, knitting or even journaling - on a daily basis. So little snips of time over the past week have led to this. A tiny little work. But it has led me to be more grounded and less stressed to keep making art even if only for short periods of time. It is made from my hand dyed fabrics from last summer. And I enjoy it much more as a end of summer garden vision I had in my head.

     Yes I did hang it on my tree.  Doesn't  everyone hang a quilt on their tree?  Just for the photo. So another finish and it needs a name-maybe End of Summer #2. It's 13x15 and machine quilted. Find a little time to stitch and enjoy the peace, hope and joy this Christmas.

Happy Sewing, my friends.

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