Monday, November 30, 2009

Project Joy Update

     Hope you enjoyed a few extra days off. I did manage to squeeze in a little sewing. I finished the binding on # 5 and loved the back of the quilt.


     Just like the clean lines and minimal fuss of the design.


     I did start working on another one with my class fabrics and am about 60% done with the quilting. A sneak peek for you....

     Now that I see it on the screen, it looks kind of Christmas like which was definitely not my intent. Better get going on my day. Happy sewing, my friends.


  1. Christmas is not what I thought of first off. Perhaps there's more green in it that I can't see on my monitor. But I can't wait to see what it looks like all done. I notice your thread ends. Are you going to bury them ala Robbi Eklow when you're all done?
    I hope to get into my studio today to make a tension swatch for when I take the machine in for service on Wednesday. It's good to be back home from Thanksgiving travels.

  2. yes- busy burying threads! don't know if I like doing it this way.