Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making the most of leftovers

 I finished a quilt top this week and while I was cleaning up I was still thinking about what I didn't accomplish: simplicity. So, as I was ready to sweep away the mess, I stopped to admire the "leftovers". The fabrics were just too beautiful to put away. They didn't deserve to go in the scrap basket, never to be found again. The fabric pack was from Robin of simplyrobin. She's lucky enough to be able to dye fabric yet in a much warmer place. My fabric dyeing days seem to be over.

So, with what I had left, became Quiltlet # 1 - A Little Bit of Autumn . This little gem is 10x14 and machine-quilted. I have only machine quilted about a dozen quilts and look forward to improving with this aspect of my quilting. Enjoy a little bit of autumn from Michigan.

 Enjoy your weekend!                                                      

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